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Chinese rhenium APR prices stable on high costs, but sales are slow
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Metal Markets is a service offered by Metal-Pages Ltd.

Metal-Pages offers a total solution for the speciality metals, ferro-alloys and rare earth markets. Not only do we offer an online commodity market, but we also provide a comprehensive source of up-to-the-minute information specifically geared to your business.

In the world of commodities up-to-date information is essential. Metals and minerals are high value, often-volatile commodities -- buyers and sellers need to be armed with the latest news to make informed trading decisions. Previously comprehensive industry data had to be found by laboriously scouring the markets, now Metal-Pages offers an online marketplace and industry specific information in one place, improving the speed and efficiency of transactions and saving costs.

At Metal-Pages we recognise that in the metals and minerals markets, where high value cargoes of differing qualities are traded on a global basis, the relationship between buyer and seller is of paramount importance. Metal-Pages seeks to enhance this relationship by providing an efficient online forum for buyers and sellers to make contact, negotiate and conclude business.

Metal-Pages is aimed at metals and minerals industry professionals -- producers, traders, consumers, converters, investors and suppliers of ancillary services to the industry.

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